Our mission

Genteel Coffee aims to use the age-old rituals of coffee and tea as a catalyst in sparking positive unification in our community. In creating a product of excellence and providing a welcoming environment of enjoyment we aspire to exist as an intersection for cultural collaboration.  


1. It starts with our product. We source the best coffee and tea, and striving to empower our partners working at every level of the industry.

2. Creating a space of safety and a haven of peace in our community is paramount. It is extremely important to the success of our mission to ensure that people from all walks of life feel welcome to share our table.

3. Commitment to hire and support individuals with employment barriers. Partnerships are our lifeblood in successfully achieving this goal. We rely on organizations that have mastered this process to send us people who will thrive on our team. 


Focus on quality over quantity, all our drinks highlight the natural flavors of both our coffee and tea. From expertly poured latte art, small batch roasting, to uniquely crafted house syrups, our meticulously brewed
beverages won’t disappoint.  

Our story

Started by owner operator Justin Esselstrom in 2016, Genteel Coffee has grown from a six-foot mobile espresso bar to a full-service specialty coffee and tea shop. With the help of his grandfather, Verle Joy, he personally designed and built the original Genteel coffee bar and continues to make additional improvements as the company grows, following a strong “do it yourself” model. Founded on a dream to create an economic resource for his community — central San Diego, while pursuing he’s practical creative affinities, Justin strives to unify a growing eclectic community of benevolent people who desire to put intent into action.




 Coffee shop with workers, plants, light